Thursday, July 9, 2015

Daniel J. Towsey is probably from the Green Party in Germany Somehow

Truthers Sound Insane Tell What Insane are Doing

Blue Ribbon Campaign Against Internet Censorship

Click on the link in the title above to get the full picture from Truthers as to what may be going on in lots of "empty" FEMA Camps and Military Installations. The US Government has cut back on the soldier population by over 100,000 personnel, and maybe they are suddenly being shipped off to MAN the concentration camps in the USA, also. This is an ongoing situation, may or may not be being "blessed" by the Obama Administration...President Bush, President Obama and God help us, maybe even President Bill Clinton may have signed Executive Orders to allow this sort of thing under the onus of natural disasters. Then, the US Army built FEMA Camps, with other service personnel involved, which have gun turrets, barbed wire fences around them, no easy ways to come and go in there...inviting the REAL DISASTER, NAMELY MORE DEAD PEOPLE. Folks will end up taking over the camps, is what they "figured" in advance. So they have them all lined up, ducks in a row, as Death Camps. Their Republican ideal is to rebuild Nazi Germany in the United States, because we keep blaming Germany for all the problems in the world. Racial exclusivity didn't begin in Germany, is somewhat natural and is the actual racism and the assumed racial differences and cultural differences combines. So it's easy to divide and conquer, you might say. Just send one group of people over there, and another group of people over there....

...they call it Stockholm Syndrome. "Gee, I can survive if I act like everybody else..."

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