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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Deforestation coal mining land stripping displaced Americans concentration camps

Protect Bryce Canyon National Park

from a dirty coal strip mine

For those on this blog who would like to DO SOMETHING
(You can also go there and try to talk to those people, or even contact them
through the Internet or whatever):

The majestic landscapes of Bryce Canyon National Park and nearby Grand
Staircase Escalante National Monument are iconic natural wonders -- but their
new neighbor could be a coal mine.

Alton Coal wants to set up a strip mine that would destroy more than 2,700
football fields-worth of mostly taxpayer-owned land so they can access 50
million tons of coal over 25 years -- a proposal that is dangerously out of step
with the critical goal of cutting U.S. carbon emissions by 26 percent in ten years.

The proposed mine would sit just 10 miles from Bryce Canyon and would
cause hazardous air and water pollution, cloud the sky with coal dust and
light pollution, disrupt critical wildlife habitat for threatened sage grouse,
and expose local communities to unnecessary coal dust and heavy coal
truck traffic.

More than 200,000 people joined with the Hopi Tribe and three federal
agencies in speaking out against Alton's expansion. Now, we have an important
opportunity to push the Bureau of Land Management to stand with the American
people and save our precious national landmarks by rejecting this proposal.

Tell the Bureau of Land Management to keep this coal in the ground and protect
our national treasures from coal's destruction.

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