Sunday, July 12, 2015

Demand Human Rights Inspectors in West Papua, New Guinea - Invaded by the Netherlands

Demand Human Rights Inspectors in West Papua
For five decades, the indigenous people of West Papua have reported widespread human rights abuses, including rape, kidnappings, and outright murder of their friends and family.
Indonesia invaded this region fifty years ago. Since then, locals say they have been routinely harassed, arrested, tortured, and killed.
Reportedly, more than one half million people have disappeared.
Freedom of the press is nonexistent in the area. International journalists are denied access. Local journalists are reportedly brutally oppressed. The Indonesian government even discourages international relief groups from getting too close.
Last year, current Indonesian President Joko Widodo promised greater transparency, claiming that his country had nothing to hide.
But international human rights inspectors are still barred from investigating reported abuses — just as they have been for the last eight years.
Silence is a subsidy for evil. Please raise your voice right now. Your effort could help stop a genocide.
With gratitude,
Chris B.
The Care2 Petitions Team