Syria Genocide War Crimes

Thursday, July 2, 2015

It isn't Germans and it is not the Jews. Who knows what happened? Nobody. So that grand condition continues, with even The New York Times not wanting me to scrape from their website, so they can make the most money ever. So they can afford to pay people more money. So they can "work their way up." While depending on killing millions and millions of people. Well, I didn't want to do that, come to think of it. Bye....hello.

German Outpost in 1887 Blends into Paraguay

The year was 1887 when two of the best-known German anti-Semites of the time put down stakes here in Paraguay's remote jungle with 14 German families screened for their racial purity.

Hitler was barely even born yet. Okay? So the racial purity thing happened by itself, because some people are racially pure looking, and thus sexy. Sexier? Perhaps. Also, because of blond hair. Finally, blue eyes. So, one way or another the damn thing was meant to be. Racially pure looking people seemed "more together and healthier" in some ways, and you know what happens with what SEEMS to be? It gets taken advantage of, right away. Through politics? Not that alone...

Through rape. Blame your Mommy every day.