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Friday, July 3, 2015

Nuclear Power School Bainbridge Island South Carolina Naval Nuclear Propulsion Plants

Nuclear Power Reactor Operator Jobs in Bainbridge Island, Washington

1000+ Bainbridge Island, WA Nuclear Power Reactor 

Operator jobs found on - there they are, at 

$200,000 a year, if you own your own equipment, you can 

help build a nuclear power plant. There is already at least 

one there, on Bainbridge Island, in WA State.

Johansen completes Nuclear Power School

Figures it's the US Navy around here that is into Nuclear Power Plants. Bainbridge Island. Goose Creek, South Carolina. Naval Nuclear Propulsion Plants. For the nuclear powered submarines the US Navy uses. So it is the military after all, Adolf Hitler wins at last, through nuclear power. The world is slowly being destroyed by the US Military, other military, and nuclear power. While they keep claiming, it's so safe your Mom is responsible for all the damage it does.

Is not that lie alone sufficient? Your Mom does all the damage?

Apparently, it never has worked. Your Mom stayed home, and didn't end this monstrosity. The nuclear power plant reactor core will always melt down. Slowly but surely, Chernobyl style events will destroy the entire world. Through "nuclear power," something the sun achieved so long ago. Thus we get Man, the monstrosity that brought the Sun into the Earth.

Gee, in a way Krypton there was already exploding. In a way, we are already doomed. The internal core of the planet Earth is unstable. So it really is a matter of one way, or the other. It depends on how unstable Hell, the real thing beneath us, actually is. So, why not nuclear power?

Because, why not rope the Sun into smashing into the Earth. "Bout it.

Suicide is suicide, no matter your reasoning, you see.

And I've already attempted it several times. I guess I was meant to be homicided.

I guess...........I'm a US Navy brat, from Washington State.

I may have saved the planet in 1986. Now, we are waiting for the next series of Chernomyrdin.

Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Clifford L. Johansen has graduated from the Navy’s Nuclear Power School at Naval Nuclear Power Training Command in Goose Creek, S.C.
Johansen is the son of Nels and Delora Johansen of Bainbridge Island. He is a 2011 graduate of Eagle Harbor High.
Nuclear Power School is a rigorous six-month course that trains officer and enlisted students in the science and engineering fundamental to the design, operation and maintenance of naval nuclear propulsion plants.
Graduates next undergo additional instruction at a prototype training unit before serving as a surface warfare officer aboard a nuclear-powered surface ship or as an electronics technician aboard a nuclear-powered submarine.