Thursday, July 9, 2015

Well, Zionism is racist, but so is the rest of the world. Meanwhile, yes, it is THAT David Duke, the KKK dude, who is half good and half evil again.

When he's good, he calls himself Dr. David Duke and tries to save the world:

He's worried about the same Jewish takeover Adolf Hitler was worried about. Meanwhile, Hitler may have been a Jew himself, anyway. From Austria, which is where he was born. Moved down to Germany and now that country is supposed to be to blame for all the Evil in the Universe. So are White People. Well, white people, I figure, like all the guys and most of we gals have figured out, have to be about half good half evil. I wish I could be all good, and not be destroyed, and live to a ripe old age. Somehow. Meanwhile, I'm dying of worms. Mostly. Also, I'm maybe dying of the beginning stages of tertiary syphilis and gonorrhea. what. Got the worms from eating spoiled, bad pork, from probably badly treated pigs on a cheap farm. Hitler hated cheap farms. Got the syphilis and gonorrhea by being raped by rich, spoiled rotten Black Americans. Who were trying to rape and kill a Black lady in their "own" neighborhood. Jack the Ripper probably WAS to blame for that, one way or another. Mostly Chernobyl had happened two months before then, is something "Black America" there conveniently forgot about. Same here!

Chernobyl. GIANT nuclear reactors. Maybe, hundreds of them. So more than one of them has melted down by now, and wafted this way. We all seem to want me to die young, at that. We are busy ignoring nuclear power and pretending that sexually torturing me is what has "the deep meaning" because of lovely closet Liberalism. Like Hitler, the liberal. So I guess we now think we know it all, if we can sexually torture me and get away with it. Not a good idea. all say it's the last time you're going to do it, and you "never stop" and all. I'm afraid not. Or you won't live to be 82, and there are no such 82 year olds who "never stop" and fornicate all night long. So I think lying has indeed become the order of the day....ooooooohhhhh....I'm a fiction writer, gee I knew about that all along. Fiction writing.

We're into blaming me for what we (apart from me) are doing.

We are gonna "get ours" I believe, at that. While constantly blaming the other guy, or just me, for it all, it seems. I doubt "we" there are going to Heaven, at that. Well, the old rumor is everyone goes straight to Hell as they (we, me) are dying, one at a time, and not in a group. So of course there is the daydream, called dying in one's sleep. Or dying en masse somehow. Those who suffer a lot BEFORE they actually die tend to look like they died and went to Heaven..Ron Schwarz managed to look like he suffered a lot, kept it to himself, and died going straight to Hell (like he, uh, "wanted") and then laid back down and went really, for the last time, to himself...and looked like he went straight to Heaven. Wise guy Jews are indeed wise guy Jews, one way or another.

Maybe David Duke, or Dr. David Duke, in on DVD or something. Dunno. I am trying to sell my own stuff here like a maniac either, but I'm not running for President or whatever. I think. Really, I am trying to either get word out about something (journalism) or I'm trying to change the world (radicalism, liberalism, conservatism even, politics sheesh). You wanna know what? I am actually straining like an insane dog, trying to find some other thing to do, maybe out of SHEER UNADULTURATED BOREDOM to see if there really is some other thing...I think I would have to make it up, put it there, run it and control it as The Emperor of the Universe to ever make it happen. Hey, God there, could you just save the damn world and leave me on it awhile longer? I've been running around saving allegedly HUMAN LIVES.

Well, I'm sorta German-American, Cherokee American, and have been informed that I'm Jewish twice over. So...I really don't know, but maybe if I tell y'all off? Y'all wanna write the next million copy best seller, and know better. It's a lot of work, and you really need to aim for that sort of thing from about the age of three (3) on to do anything remotely resembling that. No shit, Sherlocks. So, what can I say. I tried to outdo Adolf Hitler and Ralph Ellison, found out that both of them were Socialists anyway, and so surely I am the Communist you all think I am. NOPE. Never been one, never will be one, and am a Capitalist at heart, with Socialist tendencies.

Oops, that is America talking. Well, you know, we have been RANK EVIL. So I guess David Duke has now really caught us all at it, and so has his Robin like companion, so we get the KKK and the Nazi derivatives. Those two guys, sheesh. Say, what if we got really wild and crazy and did something completely different and got somewhere with it for a change?

Israel is not something new and completely different. Well, yes it is and no it isn't. Oops, that is very hippy of me. Like Adolf Hitler, now I can only rehash the past. If I tried to make something up on my very own, all by my little the middle of reading my own work, The Rainbow Horizon, I spotted myself having MY VERY OWN IDEAS on my own. It was amazing...and for the life of me, I couldn't tell you in detail what they were, but they were very detailed and interesting. I think I am now keeping them all to myself. Not sure why. Well, they have all been labeled disabled, and they have all been labelled all kinds of psychiatric nonsense. Which leads to stereotypical thinking, which is NOT the way to go. It would be best to come up with something newer than that...

...I think I failed at it miserably. Well, I will try again, but mostly I have been, as I said, saving human lives with a kind of true love, true faith and true acceptance, all by myself.

It involved waiting until the last minute to do absolutely anything whatsoever.

Girl, am I a procrastinator. Boy, I hope you understand.

End of rant about David Duke, Daniel J. Towsey, and whatever those 2 thought they were.

Ya wait until the last minute, ya take back what ya said, ya apologize. The original apology was just an explanation, often happened BEFORE you did or wrote anything, and simply told people about what you were going to say. The bit with the Confederate flag is only a planned media event, involved large groups of people, and one totally fake heroine. Oops. I did better than that in 1986, because I really did what I did completely alone. She didn't. And it makes it look like she did...don't know what to say about that. How about what I already said?

I photograph as a white woman. And I'm NOT a white woman. Not even close.

Well...the rest of them except for a tiny handful of them can all claim that. Like the same bunch of them can all claim they are Physically Challenged, or whatever. And I have no such group of white women, anyone at all from Planet Lesbos or Planet Israel or whatever. I acted alone at all times, and have no idea what I was doing doing that. So my daughter ended up getting what "they" wanted, not what she wanted: more than one of "me." Hopefully she is over that by now, but I am hoping it didn't take her death to do that. I'm praying to whatever gods goddesses, whatever is out there in a way, but I know prayers do nothing except for those who pray them. So I'm not really doing that. Instead, in Ohio sometime back in the 1970s, I talked to WHATEVER IT IS. And it did indeed tell me about something in the future. Sixteen years later, or so. Not evenly.

Not evenly at all. Now all is now well, and it may not be just me at that.