Sunday, February 14, 2016

Adolf Hitler killed Innocent Civilians because they have no Power.

World War III has Begun. On the other hand, what the heck is going on?

Buy some rap music, try out the latest on the radio, eat goober 'til you drop.

We can't decide if Russia is on our side or not. We can't decide is Isis is Isis or Isil. Is the President on our side, or is he aligned with the Enemy...or enemies? What can anyone or people or whoever do about this situation, other than buying a Starbucks latte and laughing it off?

Is Russia going to fight for Assad...will Iran or Iraq fight for Assad...who will fight for what...there is no clear enemy, no clear side, no clear nothing. Move to Canada and buy Canada Clear, hit that gym, eat that Mediterranean Diet and sleep at night with the TV turned off...your Mother has spoken. Also, do not go on psychiatric medication, as it will disable and kill you. Don't taser yourself. Find a nice girl or dress up and find a nice guy, get married, and have children. Soon.

Or, stream watch old Elvis Presley movies and chuck up your old stale beer.

The battle, as it says on the sign above, is obviously going to be Straight Uphill. Well, I think you should contemplate the video below, and then strategically strap bombs to yourself (if your name is Isis Isil Jones) and go blow yourself up next to every nuclear power plant in the World. This is a command from your Master, the Arab with Ears. Each of you Al Quaida suicide bomber types, and everyone else along those lines...go blow yourselves up near the closest available nuclear power plants, which are only producing Nuclear or Nucular (nucular...) Power in order to have the rods and cones eventually melt down. So that we will all be Irradiated Fruit.

Slavery. Out of War. Due to displaced people. Let's blow up all the nuclear power stations, nuclear power plants, and nuclear bomb silos, in order to Save the World. Then, let's all die of car exhaust fumes, paper mills and exotic chemical plants dumping shit into the Makati River. Finally, after we've taken a nice swim in there, let's breathe in the wonderful Concrete Production Facility dumping into the Seattle Slough down the street from here in Kenmore. I and my husband go down there regularly, to Log Boom Park, and a disabled, polluted duck bit me there a few weeks ago. Nothing happened, but I feel like I've been drinking cough syrup all my life.

Assad is to Blame for the Universe. Who, who will never kill him, ever? It's like, so important to not kill anybody but innocent civilians who have no power to kill anyone BACK! A precedent probably set by one Adolf Hitler of the Twilight Zone.