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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Syria Crisis Petition to US Congress - Welcome Refugees and Peace Negotiations with Russia

Tell Congress: End the Syria Crisis

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For nearly five years, war has raged in Syria.
As you've seen on the news, millions of refugees are fleeing into neighboring countries and are now crossing into Europe. Increased military efforts in the region are likely to force even more men, women and children to seek safety in neighboring countries.

The United States must welcome more Syrian refugees. But that is not enough – the U.S. must help end the Syria crisis.

Secretary of State John Kerry has announced that major global powers have agreed to convene the next round of Syria peace negotiations by January 1, 2016.
The United States, under the leadership of Secretary John Kerry, and along with other major global powers, is supporting a new round of Syria peace negotiations in Vienna.
Until there is an effective, lasting ceasefire, the international community must ensure assistance reaches those living in besieged areas, as shown by the current situation in Madaya, and to halt unlawful attacks on civilians.

It is vital that humanitarian considerations are part of the negotiation process in Vienna. Civilians throughout Syria must have freedom of movement and free access to the humanitarian assistance that they require.

Tell your member of Congress: Urge the administration to strive for a political solution to end the war in Syria, and support a plan that protects civilians, meets humanitarian needs, and addresses the root cause of the conflict.

To make an even bigger impact, we encourage you to contact your representatives and senators by calling 202-224-3121.

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    Dear Representative,
    For nearly five years, we have heard the stories from Syria: refugees fleeing their homes with nothing except what they can carry on their backs to start a new life as a refugee. Now, families are risking their lives once again to make a perilous journey in the hopes of more opportunities and a better life.
    Each day, we observe new consequences of the international community’s failure to act. The humanitarian need of the largest number of displaced people globally since WWII — nearly 60 million men, women, and children — is undeniable. To meet the needs of the 11 million Syrians who have fled their country or remain trapped in Syria, and prevent further deterioration of the conflict, we need leadership.
    The US needs to lead an international effort toward the creation of a bold, comprehensive plan. As a citizen who is unable to ignore the urgency of this human catastrophe, I urge you to act on the following four-point plan:
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