Syria Genocide War Crimes

Monday, March 7, 2016

Sexual Slavery World Politics

RANT BY THE FEMINIST YOU KEEP LABELLING AS "EASY" AND "EASY TO OFFEND" OR SO. So, I'm not a feminist so much. But, what is Masculinism?

If this is UNIMPORTANT what is the point to Serious World Politics? None whatsoever.

And if I'm crazy, I'm a nobody you can keep in "the Catholic Court system" started by Muslims for a long time. Fortunately, both men and women (and children) are subject to that. But it's bothersome, being in a Kangaroo (Karen's my name) Court system. She's being convicted of not wanting her wonderful fate as a little lost prostitute for the Enemy Side. Who is it, though?

Money. Meanwhile, I'm stuck having to make it. No, it's too much money. No, it's not enough money. We are getting by, at least. You can never have too much money, until they find out you have any, and well, don't a prostitute always need to hand it all over to a pimp.

Slavery is sexual and world politics cannot do much about it. Your female body is a slave to chemical processing and the act of making a baby or several babies happen leaches out your bones. So the Man gets away with impregnating you and feels strange about it - then maybe he comes down with STDS, worms, or whatever. She has two, no three, no sixty people to worry about...

WHY CAN'T SHE BE A LEADER, TOO? Gee, I'm boring and redundant.

Sexual Slavery World Politics

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