Thursday, March 17, 2016

Secretary of State John Kerry - Isis does Genocide. In Small, Pill-like Doses. To everybody.

Kerry: Islamic State committing genocide

 | John Bacon

Secretary of State John Kerry
© Susan Walsh, AP Secretary of State John Kerry

(Editor's Note: What is Genocide? Killing lots of people, all at once. Or, is it killing smaller amounts of people, just like psych meds do? What IF???? The USA has been handing out psych meds to Third World Countries, and so has other places. Been handing them out, like candy.)

The Islamic State is committing genocide against Christians, Yazidis and Shiite Muslims in Syria and Iraq, Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday in an announcement likely to have little impact on the U.S. military effort against the Sunni militant group.
The U.S. House approved a similar finding in a unanimous vote Monday. Religious groups in the U.S. have been pressuring Washington for such a declaration — and a commitment to stop the carnage. 
Kerry listed numerous cases of slaughter by the group, also known as Da'esh, since 2014. He credited an intensive multinational effort with taking back 40% of land once held by the militants in Iraq and 20% in Syria.
"The fact is Da'esh kills Christians because they are Christians, Yazidis because they are Yazidis, Shias because they are Shias," Kerry said, adding that "we will do all we can to see that the perpetrators are held accountable."

The Islamic Muslim Moslem State is Committing Suicide through Homicide. That's it. But, why are things so recently, when this has been going on for much longer than the mere 800 years? Who the heck started this...animals. Wow. What ends it? People. So that's why Donald Trump wants to die, and will hide during any such attempts.
The Knights of Columbus, working with a group In Defense of Christians, recently issued a 280-page report detailing genocide claims and urging the State Department to acknowledge it. 
The group urged Kerry to take a stand in an online petition declaring that "America must end its silence about the ongoing genocide." And a nationwide TV ad shows clips of brutal acts by militants and includes quotes by Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton endorsing a genocide declaration.
A spending bill passed by Congress in December gave the State Department 90 days to make a determination on whether genocide was being conducted. Thursday marked the deadline, and State Dept. spokesman Mark Toner had said on Wednesday that Kerry had not yet made a decision and would not make the deadline.
That drew a testy response from the Knights of Columbus, which tweeted: "We are encouraged @StateDept is reviewing our report-but there is only 1 legal term for this: genocide."

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