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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Forest Fire Survival - Only People can Prevent Forest Fires

forest fire survival
We see more of this because we're looking for them. Didn't have the Internet in the year 300 BC. No Forest Services. It's the era of news and study, and there used to be MORE forest fires, before. There are LESS forest fires nowadays, is an extremely good bet. So don't panic, it's evolving. But just in case you need to get it, Karen the Know-it-All just has to tell you all about it. I saved some of the City of Seattle and King County environs from an all-encompassing forest fire in 1986, which means there is hope. ALWAYS HOPE!!!

Dear Readers needing Forest Fire Survival:

Well, it's coming. Slowly but surely. No, it's less than half of 1% of the Planet Earth. And so is the human race. Meanwhile, the air is muggy and damp. So maybe we near the Big City of Seattle will survive. Nothing will happen to us. When you hit the freeway, if your car is stopped dead on the road, it's not unlikely you will roast alive in your car. So abandoning your car and hoofing it or riding a bicycle may be best, if you are feeling trapped in your car. Can't get around the other cars on the Freeway. Heading for the nearest entrance to one may be best, though, if you are fairly sure which direction the Forest Fire(s) are coming from. Prayer is good, too, of course (cough) but actually, driving away from the nearest one might possibly save you and yours.

Do everything you can to hang onto the very last second, because you will. Well, buy gas masks, don't wet anything, woolen blankets are best or fireproof gear or fire retardant clothing that is light so you can run away or alongside it. Orange seen above the tree lines, that lets you know. Head away from the orange glow, in the opposite direction. Best is in a car. If clogged up, hit the road on foot or on a bicycle, motorcycle or what have you. AVOID FORESTS AND TREES LIKE THE PLAGUE, THAT IS EXACTLY WHERE IT WILL BE COMING FROM.

Other than some food, have major cooling systems installed, stay in your house, or build a concrete bunker beneath your normal abode and use it as your Forest Fire Shelter. Major cooling systems need to be installed. Forest Fire Survival is paramount. Nature is merely cleaning out an area, so the human race surviving it is not unlikely. Forest fires are Nature's way of ensuring the resurrection of a new forest, and of new territory being uncovered and also built upon by human beings. So it's not the End of the World, it's the Beginning of New World melting backs. So that your back is not melting, buy some survival gear. I don't recommend the thin mesh shirts, go to your nearest Army/Navy store outlet (actual physical store where you buy stuff) and buy some heavier gear in order to wrap yourself in something fireproof or heatproof or BOTH!

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